02. Pre­­dominant virus diseases of earstem grasses in conditions of East Forest-steppe

Petrenkova V. P., Luchna I. S., Olejnikov Je. S., Mischenko L. T.
Pages: 11-15.

Full article: 
The purpose. To determine predominant sorts of virus diseases of earstem grasses in Forest-steppe of East Ukraine and ways of transfer of a virus. Methods. They used solid-phase enzyme immunoassay (sandwichalternative), methods of submicroscopy, visual diagnostics, and practical standards of statistical analysis of experimental data: parametric criteria of normal allocation of variance, standard deflexion of means. Results. EIA method fixed a lesion by the very virus of striatal mosaic of wheat VSMW of 7 specimens of winter wheat and of 1 of spring solid wheat. It is proved that Kharkov isolate of VSMW is analogous to the earlier described isolate of Poltava. It is determined that contamination of VSMW through seed grain is negligible and does not play essential role in epidemiology of this virus of wheat in Ukraine. Conclusions. It is proved that plants are affected with VSMW. The virus of striatal mosaic of wheat is identified by method of enzyme immunoassay. It is fixed that in conditions of Ukraine VSMW is transmitted by vectors — mites and mechanically, and by seed grain it is not spread.

Key words: virus of striatal mosaic of wheat (VSMW), hexapods-transmitting agents, enzyme immunoassay, submicroscopy, earstem grasses, winter wheat.

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