04. Drop of efficiency of herbicide Citadel 25 OD m.d. in sowings of rice

Dudchenko T. V., Tsilynko L. M., Fal'kovs'kyj I. V.
Pages: 20-22.

Full article: 
The purpose. To determine the causes of drop of efficiency of herbicide Citadel 25 OD m.d. in sowings of rice and to fix emersion of resistant populations of Japanese barnyard millet. Methods. Field small-plot experiments — regular registration of weeds according to procedure on the stationary plots on the 21th day and before harvesting. The gained experimental data were processed using method of analysis of variance. Results. In conditions of long use of herbicide Citadel 25 OD m.d. efficiency of the registered doses has dropped from 100 to 34,9%. At use of the specimen without any system efficiency of the registered doses of 1,5 l/hectare made 97 – 100%. It testifies to the absence on the yielded plots of stable biotypes of Japanese barnyard millet, sensitive to this herbicide. Conclusions. As a result of long application of herbicide Citadel 25 OD m.d. on the basis of Penoxulam on paddies the population of Japanese barnyard millet insensitive to action of the specimen appeared.

Key words: rice, herbicides, resistance, weeds.

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