05. Perfecting appraisal plan of quality and safety of bee honey in Ukraine

Baschenko M. I., Postoienko V. O., Lazarieva L. M.
Pages: 23-28.

Full article: 
The purpose. Development of approaches to perfecting appraisal plan of quality and safety of bee honey in Ukraine and its harmonization with international demands. Methods. Quality and safety of honey was probed according to State standard 4497:2005 «Honey natural. Commercial specification». Results. Comparative analysis of national standards of quality and safety of honey and international demands has shown that existing differences in demands cause ecessity of perfecting and harmonization of domestic legislative baseline. Conclusions. Analysis of longterm probes of honey of various botanical parentages and from different regions of Ukraine shows that honey of domestic producers has high factors of quality and origin. The expediency is shown of keeping more rigid the following parameters of quality: content of inverted sugars, GMF, and activity of diastase. That will allow protecting home market from import of poor-quality honey. Necessity is justified of fitting national normative baseline concerning grading honey on quality factors (humidity, electrical conductivity, total sum of sugars and safety) with world demands. That will promote overgrowth of export potential of Ukraine.

Key words: honey, quality factors, origin, safety.

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