10. Systemic approach to selection-seed-growing sowing with conditional stages of operations

Gorobej V. P.
Pages: 48-53.

Full article: 
The purpose. To increase efficiency of process of sowing in selection-experimental plots, having ensured certain functional dependences between changeable parameters. Methods. Determination of descriptive and dynamic complexity of system for assessment of amount of elements in system, and diversification of interaction among them. System analysis of component changeable parameters of technique of selectionseed-growing sowing is carried out by targeted change of external actions in entrance point and analysis of responses in exit. Mathematical simulation. Results. For determination of cause-effect relations the seeder is surveyed as a subsystem which most important elements are distributor, drive of distributor and sowing end-effectors. According to process of seeding these elements interact in succession, and alternatives of operation of each of them are surveyed collaterally. Conclusions. The used systemic approach to selection-seed-growing sowing on experimental plots ustifies application of system of electron automatic steering by distributor, combined end-effectors for drill seeding at use of traditional technique, and for broadcasting seeding in soil with minimum cultivation — multiple-purpose vomerine nodes which parameters are determined by probed technique, constructive and design-layout parts of seeders.

Key words: seeder, selection, technique, system, process, structure, element, model, vector function, parameter.

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