12. Historical-and-economic aspects of production of swine breeding by agricultural commodity producers of Ukraine in pre-soviet period

Ibatullin M. I.
Pages: 60-63.

Full article: 
The purpose. Development of theoretical rules and practical references on overgrowth of production of swine breeding by agricultural commodity producers on the basis of generalization of historical experience of development of the branch. Methods. Dialectic method of scientific knowledge, analysis and synthesis; systemic generalization. Results. Historical-and-economic assessment of development of swine breeding in Ukraine is realized. It is fixed that production of swine breeding was the original indicator of consistency and well-being of life of rural families. Principal cause of growing of pigs of larding type was demand of foreign consumers, first of all shipbuilders of England where lard was used only for the engineering purposes. It stimulated to selection of larding breeds of pigs. Principal cause of development of industrial swine breeding was the developed food reserve. According to it division into districts of growing pigs was carried out. The highest level of density of pigs was observed in districts where the factories of the industry were, in particular distilling plants. Conclusions. During the long historical period production of swine breeding was traditional branch of agriculture of Ukraine. Use of practical approaches acquired during economic activities to growing and marketing pigs is of utmost importance nowadays. Their well-timed adaptation stimulated revitalization of swine breeding and ensured high level of competitive strength as in the inner and outer markets.

Key words: swine breeding, production, consumption, collective farms, personal agriculture.

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