13. Problems of activity of measuring laboratories in the sphere of quality of soils and potential ways of their solution

Shovkovs'ka A. V.
Pages: 64-67.

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The purpose. To analyze modern demands to measuring laboratories in the sphere of quality of soils, to determine problems in heading international demands to activity of such laboratories, and to offer possible methods of their solution. Methods. Analysis and systematization are used for determination of demands to activity of measuring laboratories set in normative and legislative baselines. Results. Basic legislative and normative deeds which put forward new, coordinated with international, demands to activity of measuring laboratories are analyzed. The basic problems on the way of their heading are taped and possible methods of their solution are offered. Conclusions. For recognition of competence at national and international levels measuring laboratory should organize the activity according to demands of international standard DSTU ISO/IEU 17025 with use of standard samples of soil and obligatory participation in interlaboratory comparisons of observed data.

Key words: measuring laboratories, accreditation, accuracy, results of measurement, standard samples of soil, quality of soils.

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